West Coast Canadian Artist Tyrrell Clarke

West Coast Canadian Artist Tyrrell Clarke’s artwork is an evolving stream of spiritual images from the figurative to the abstract in nature. Upon completion of her BFA she made a name for herself as a Canadian artistic voice for the past 30 years in galleries and private collections both internationally and locally.

Tyrrell recently moved to Gabriola Island, a Canadian paradise on the West Coast of BC. Gabriola Island has a vibrant community of west coast Canadian artists. This move is inspired by the deep resonance of nature she feels in the Canadian landscape. She has a signature style, and her latest paintings are infused with energy and vitality that mirror the flowers, forests, and ocean that now surround her.

She is known for being a master colourist through her use of vibrant jewel tones and subtle glazes. Her canvases have a current of energy that invokes a spirit of connection in the observer.

This site features highlights of her work as well as her most recent paintings and upcoming events.