West Coast Canadian Artist Tyrrell Clarke

Tyrrell Clarke, BFA, is a prominent Canadian West coast painter known for her distinctive style, which incorporates a deep appreciation for rich colors and her unique approach to contemporary abstract art. Her work is strongly influenced by the natural beauty of the West Coast, particularly the forests, ocean, and flowers that surround her studio on Gabriola Island, British Columbia.

With a career spanning over four decades, Tyrrell Clarke has established herself as a successful and respected artist. Her art has found its way into private collections around the world, attesting to the broad appeal and quality of her work. Throughout her career, she has maintained a consistent presence in the art world through a series of gallery exhibitions.

In addition to her personal artistic endeavors, Tyrrell Clarke has contributed to the art community by establishing vibrant artist-run gallery and studio spaces. These spaces not only allowed her to express her creativity but also provided a platform for other artists to showcase their work. Her commitment to supporting and nurturing the artistic community is reflected in her long-standing involvement in these spaces.

Tyrrell Clarke’s dedication to her craft and her exploration of evolving artistic expressions have earned her representation in select galleries. These galleries appreciate and support her continued growth as an artist, enabling her to pursue her artistic curiosity and maintain a playful approach to her work.

In her newest work Tyrrell revisits her core passion for figurative painting. Evocative women in a dreamlike setting are completely at one with their surroundings… a part of the nature that envelopes them. The divine feminine in nature celebrated in paint!